I have an OpenVPN running on pfSense in a CARP with multi-WAN. OpenVPN listens on all incomming ( so that I can enter throu what ever WAN is active right now should one go down.

When I connect to there, my route goes out of the gateway set in pfsense->System->Routing->Gateway: Default gateway IPv4. There I have configured a gateway-group and since right now all 3 gateways are active and up, I correctly exit through the gateway set to Tier 1 in the group.

However what if I want to exit through another gateway (or group)? I know that I can set in the firewall for each VLAN the gateway (or group) the specific VLAN supposed to use. This way for instance I route all traffic from an open WIFI-VLAN through a specific gateway while the stationary office workplaces use another connection.

But how do I set a specific gateway for OpenVPN? Do I have to configure the gateway in the rules on the WAN interface, the LAN interface or the OpenVPN interface? I don't want to just try because I don't want to risk losing my VPN connection locking myself out.

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