We're using virtual sophos utm for our hospitality company, as a guest network firewall. Some users reported that they are not able to use twitter when connected our wi-fi network. Investigated that twitter app is working, fetching the tweets with no issue but media files like videos, pictures, twitter profile pictures does not displaying. We have two network zones

  1. WAN
  2. Guest

and a firewall rule called "live users which has settings as follows; Source Source zone : Guest any all the time Destination zone : WAN any any

Identify Match known users: ticked Show captive portal to unknown users : ticked user groups any

Web malware and content scanning Block Google QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections) ticked

Intrusion prevention : general policy with no IPS settings enabled inside Web Policy : Guest anybody all web traffic allowed status:enabled enable logging and reporting is enabled

Application Control: Guest social network category all the time allowed

it seems that there's no policy that can block these media files coming from to twitter application but they're still getting blocked.

ayn idea about what could be the problem?

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Sophos UTM

Add the following URLs under Web Protection -> Filtering options -> Exception -> For all requests -> Matching these URLs as


and in Application control allow Twitter app


Reload the Firewall rules on the UTM. Sometimes the rules need to be switched off and back on again to take action.

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