I've been reading about this here and found the following config in it.

What is the meaning of the following lines?

privilege 15 secret 0

Router#config t
Router(config)#username username privilege 15 secret 0 password

Besides 15 and 0, sometimes I found that different device is configured with different numbers. E.g.

username cisco123 privilege 15 secret 4 1wLgDhbOLsU0GdsP0B9e5YU2KA7gxZujqOLWf0j48q6

Also, I would like to know the full list of privilege x secret x

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The privilege number represents the level of access:

  • Level 15 is full administrator access
  • Level 1 is read only, with minimal access.

Other levels don't exist by default, but you can define custom access levels yourself. Read this post on the Cisco Learning Network for details.


The secret number represents the hashing algorithm type, which the IOS software uses obscure the secret password in the config:

  • Type 0 means plain text. In general, you only use this while entering the secret on the CLI, IOS will hash this for you.
  • Type 5 is MD5 hashed. This used to be the standard in IOS, but it might be vulnerable to a brute force attack so it's been replaced with more modern algorithms (type 8 and 9)
  • Type 7 is used in older kit. It's a Vigenère cipher, so it is easily reversed.

For the full list of algorithms, check the Cisco Learning Network.

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