How do you configure HSRP on a Nexus 7000 series switch?

I know in IOS the commands are in the interface configuration, for example:

switch-a#config t
switch-a(config)#interface g1/0/1
switch-a(config-if)#ip address
switch-a(config-if)#standby 10 ip
switch-a(config-if)#standby 10 priority 110
switch-a(config-if)#standby 10 preempt

When I am configuring an interface in Nexus OS, the standby command isn't there. My output of "?-ing" around in the interface config mode doesn't give anything that looks likely... What am I missing?

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On a Cisco Nexus switch, the syntax for HSRP is actually "HSRP" instead of "Standby".

In my experience, it makes it easier to troubleshoot as you know immediately which redundancy protocol you're dealing with (HSRP, GLBP, or VRRP).

See this Cisco doc for more information on HSRP on the Nexus 7000 platform.

First, be sure that you have enabled HSRP on the device:

switch-b(config)#feature hsrp

Then go into the interface and issue the command "hsrp groupnumber". You will then be able to enter your configuration similarly to in IOS. This actually takes you into a sub-configuration mode as shown below:

switch-b(config)#interface Eth1/1 
switch-b(config-if)#ip address
switch-b(config-if)#hsrp 10
switch-b(config-if-hsrp)#priority 90

Don't forget to "no shut" the interface, but then that should do it!

Also, I just realized that Cisco has a great writeup on these differences here on their DocWiki.

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