Does anyone know how, if at all supported, to setup site-to-site IKE/IPSec VPN end-point on a Juniper MX80 router? The other side is SRX640, so not a problem.

Juniper online documentation is very confusing in this regard. Looks like I either need additional hardware on the router (which?), or I am completely missing something.

The MX80 runs Junos 11.2R3.3.

Would appreciate any pointers.

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As you said, the Junos documentation for IPSec is pretty confusing; it took a while to find a definitive reference for how to get IPSec in HW on the MX80.

Since you're looking for site-to-site VPN support, this means higher throughput and certainly you don't want to do this on a CPU. As such, you should use the MS-MIC-16G, which started supporting IPSec VPN in Junos 13.2. According to the Junos 13.2 Release Notes, only IPv4 is supported at this time.


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