I have a Google WiFi Mesh system at home. It's powered by my Xfinity modem/router combo in which I disable the WiFi on. Everything works great. I have lightning-fast speeds across my entire house.


I recently purchased the Snoo Baby Bassinet that has a terrible issue that causes it to not support mesh / 5Ghz WiFi systems. Sounds unrealistic but it's true. The suggested workaround is to buy a cheap 2.4Ghz router and set up a secondary network in your home. I'm fine with doing this however it seems that when I connect the new router to my Xfinity modem/router combo, I can only get one of the WiFi networks to work at a time. I'll restart the Xfinity modem/router combo and sometimes I'll get my Google WiFi system connected and other times I'll get my cheap NetGear system connected but NEVER BOTH. It's maddening. What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting I need to adjust within the Xfinity modem/router settings?

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    Unfortunately, questions about home networking and consumer-grade devices are explicitly off-topic here. You could try to ask this question on Super User. – Ron Maupin Sep 12 at 1:19