Where the term and policer would appear?

In juniper, there have filter, term and policer.

I know the filter is under firewall, but how about the term and policer?

how to understand the concept?

I know the term can understand an interface, or under a policy-statement:

set policy-options policy-statement EXPORT-3121 term NO-EBGP-3121 then reject

so, how to understand the concept, then we can know where we can put the term and policer?

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Both term and policer can be placed in a multiple sections of the configuration.


Policers are defined like this, obviously you can change it to your needs:

{master}[edit firewall]
policer TEST_POLICER {
    if-exceeding {
        bandwidth-limit 900m;
        burst-size-limit 128k;
    then discard;

Policers can be applied in multiple areas:

Directly on Interfaces

jhead@MX960-re0# show interfaces xe-3/0/0:2
unit 0 {
    family inet {
        policer {
            input TEST_POLICER;
            output TEST_POLICER;

As a Firewall Filter Action

jhead@MX960-re0# show firewall
family inet {
    filter TEST_FILTER {
        term TEST_TERM {
            then policer TEST_POLICER;


Terms have 2 rules:

  1. Terms are mandatory when inside of a firewall filter. With this in mind, if you need to put a policer in a firewall filter, it will always be inside of a term.
  2. Terms are NOT mandatory when inside of a policy.

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