I have two ASRs connected to each other and configured Multichassis LACP. LAG from an external switch to each ASRs. I am looking for a solution on how to enable VRRP into the ASRs since I do not have a broadcast domain cross ASRs.

ASR-1 (Gi1 and 2) connected to ASR-2 (Gi1 and 2) via port-channel 1 Switch A (Gi3) connected to ASR-1 (Gi3) via port-channel 2 Switch A (Gi4) connected to ASR-2 (Gi4) via port-channel 2

Any idea?

  • Please edit your question to include the router configurations. VRRP is to fool the hosts on a broadcast domain into using a virtual gateway, and the routers must be able to communicate with each other on the same broadcast domain where the hosts are. – Ron Maupin Sep 26 at 14:54
  • Also a topology diagram would be very helpful. – cpt_fink Oct 1 at 6:50

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