VPN Tunnel Interface up and running for (X0) subnet. WLAN subnet (X0:V100) unable to ping 10.233.X.X on the VPC through established VPN. I have checked the event log and have seen a ping to VPC from the WLAN has generated but not consumed. Almost certain there is a NAT policy interfering. What should I be looking towards to trouble shoot the issue?

  • Please edit your question to include details like the configuration and routing table. Nowhere did you detail where the target address is, and it doesn't seem to be a local interface. As it stands, we can only speculate or guess, and that is off-topic here. – Ron Maupin Sep 30 at 16:59
  • Yes Jeb, please include info about your SonicWALL and Amazon VPN connections. There shouldn't be any NAT rules between LAN/WLAN and Amazon subnets over a VPN, so it's more likely a routing issue, firewall policy issue or a VPN issue (are both subnets included in the VPN setup, in the route tables, and have matching firewall policies - on both ends?). Certainly check for any NAT Policies but please post additional info (and confirm that LAN<->Amazon traffic is working, if so you basically need to ensure WLAN exists in all places LAN does). – PSaul Oct 1 at 14:19

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