When booting my 7960 phone, I am getting all of the correct files. However, in trust list (CTL File), the IP addresses are incorrect. They are the ASCII characters of the actual IP address. Therefore, the phones give a tftp server auth error due to the TFTP server address not matching what is in the network settings.

All of the network settings are correct as well. I can not find anything wrong in the configuration file either.

I read that SIP is ASCII based, but I am using SCCP. Not at all sure where this problem stems from. The phones do not go through CME, just to the CUCM. I assume the problem may be some sort of option in the CUCM.

I have tried:

  • Updating Firmware incrementally as to not break the phones
  • Deleting the CTL from the phone
  • Factory resetting the phones

None of these fixes that others have suggested seem to work... Any help would be appreciated!

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