We operate a hub-and-spoke network. The hub is a 3925. I have been using the ttcp command between the hub and each spoke to measure bandwidth. I realize that the test is flawed, but finding relative difference between spokes has been useful to identify problems.

It looks like the ttcp command has been removed from IOS-XE. I have a Cisco 3850 with IOS-XE version 16.06.04 with the ipservicesk9 license. Is there an equivalent method to measure bandwidth on a 3850?

I cannot get access to the devices attached to this switch.

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  • The bandwidth is found on each interface with the show interfaces command. There will be line on each interface similar to: MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1000000 Kbit/sec, DLY 10 usec. For a 3850, you will have most of the interfaces with 1 Gbps bandwidth, and possibly uplinks of 10 Gbps. – Ron Maupin Nov 8 at 13:47
  • The ttcp command tells you nothing about bandwidth, and you may need to upgrade your licensing. "Note: The ttcp command is a hidden, unsupported, privileged mode command. As such, its availability may vary from one Cisco IOS software release to another, such that it might not exist in some releases. Some platforms, for instance, require the Cisco IOS Enterprise feature set in order to perform this activity." This is found in Using Test TCP (TTCP) to Test Throughput. – Ron Maupin Nov 8 at 13:54

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