I need to check all the L3 switches if they are configured with same ospf ID, As i am doing it in the Cisco prime, there are routers in the inventory too. Is there a show command where i can clearly distinguish between a router and a switch.

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    OSPF ID is supposed to be unique on each device running ospf. The command “show ip ospf” will show the ospf id or if the ospf process is not running on the device. If the device does not support ospf the “show ip ospf” command will not be recognized. Nov 21, 2019 at 15:52
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    FYI ospf area is completely different than ospf id. OSPF process ID is also something different. “Show ip ospf” also shows the ospf process ID. Very informative command. Nov 21, 2019 at 15:53
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I'd suggest using show inventory since that will show Model (also known as PID), version (hardware revision) ID, along with the serial number. For a switch it would show something like PID: WS-C3850-48T-E, VID: V02, SN: FOC1234567 so you know right away that it's a switch, model Catalyst 3850 48-port.


Use below command. You can identify

Show Version
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The best way to use

#show version

This command displays details status of device includes hardware , iOS version , model , uptime .

Difference in operation from layer3 Switch and router

In router

Nat configuration can be done in router. Which is not feasible in layer3 switch .

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