I have a Juniper EX2200 with JunOS 10.3R1.9 in a remote location, making it impossible for me to test.

I will be on-site for one day and while there, I would like to login through the console port using a serial to RJ45 cable. I need to know which accounts can login through that interface.

Currently, I have an admin account (username: admin) which I'm able to use to login over SSH. Will I be able to use this account or does it have to be the "root" user? If it has to be root, how can I get/reset the password?

Thanks for the help.

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You can use your admin account.


Your Juniper EX2200 console connections will use the same connection you use when logging in remotely.

Getting root is completely dependent on your setup. The following syntax would prevent root login:

root-authentication {
    encrypted-password ****disabled****; ## SECRET-DATA

This makes it impossible to login via the root account. If you absolutely needed to get into this account, you would have to perform a Juniper Password Recovery.


On the subject of setting the password for the root account, if your admin account has super-user access then you will not need to go through the full password recovery process. While logged in with your admin account you can set the password directly:

admin@host> edit system
admin@host# set root-authentication plain-text-password

Then follow the prompts to set the password and commit the resulting changes.

To see the permissions associated with the account use show configuration system login

user admin {
    class super-user;                   
    authentication {
        encrypted-password "$1$t6aUxua2$dhxaXHtnsjn6xluapjx0C0"; ## SECRET-DATA

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