I have a Linux router with one interface that is connected to a switch in port 2.

Port 2 on the switch is a member of vlan2(ISP) and vlan3 (office devices).

My router is currently routing between these two vlans for everything to access the internet.

I suspect the network card is becoming faulty and I will just upgrade to a new one.

In which case, is it better if I buy a network card with two ports for Natting between them and get rid of the vlans?

Or does it make little to no performance difference routing between two vlans and just keep one card with one port?


Basically, there's no performance difference in routing through a single interface or through multiple interfaces, unless there's a bottleneck in the hardware.

Up to gigabit, a software router should be OK (assuming it's adequately powered). However, I'd use a dual-port NIC just for the sake of a clean division between LAN and WAN.

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