On Cisco IOS, there is trustpool and there is trustpoint. I have seen imported certificates in either of the two. And it seems SSL connection works when either location has the certificate it needs. What are the differences between them?

Router#show crypto pki ?  
  trustpoints   Show trustpoints
  trustpool     Show certificates in trustpool

A TrustPool is the pool (the list or collection) of all installed non-self-signed certs.

A TrustPoint is a binding point for a specific certificate, to tie to a specific service (such as for remote-access VPN).

  • Sorry, can you explain a bit more about the TrustPoint? Do you have an example of a trustpoint tied to a specific service? – some user Jan 28 at 23:45
  • @someuser If you check out the Cisco article here it walks you through the process of creating the TrustPoint, and tying the certificate (TrustPoint) to the AnyConnect service, using the CLI. It also has instructions for doing the same via ASDM, if you like. The TrustPool is built-in, so you don't do anything to configure that. – Jesse P. Jan 29 at 0:15

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