I have a Netgear 5 port 10G switch. It has (4) 10G RJ45 ports and (1) SFP+ port.

I would like to use the SFP+ port to uplink to my router that is only 1GB.

So am I right in that I can buy a "Gigabit SFP Copper RJ45 Module 1000BASE-T Transceiver" and I should be ok?

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    Check to see that the module is compatible with that switch. – Ron Trunk Feb 4 '20 at 20:50
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    According to Netgear the AGM734 is compatible. "1000BASE-T Mini-GBIC Gigabit Transceiver for Netgear AGM734" – Matt Winer Feb 4 '20 at 20:53
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    So, you have your answer. You can post it as an answer that, yes, the switch is compatible with a 1 Gbps (not GB) copper traceiver. – Ron Maupin Feb 5 '20 at 2:55

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