Is ethernet(PoE) the only (power and data) over the network. I did google this

I'm dyslexic and dysgraphic so English

I tryed


IEEE PoE (Power over MDI) is the only standard for running power over a network cable, consisting of the original PoE 802.3af (12.95 W), the improved "PoE+" 802.3at (25.5 W) and the latest "4PPoE" 802.3bt (71 W).

There is a large number of proprietary variants out there as well. Most of them are not interoperable and it's possible to damage the hardware when using them in ways that are not intended, even accidentally. The IEEE standards use device signatures and are carefully designed to not apply power when the end device isn't showing such a signature.

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    For ethernet, yes. For other "data" systems, there are other methods/standards. Eg. any line powered telco hardware, old analog POTS phones, BPL (which is sort of the opposite -- data over a power line), ... All of these (even PoE) are basically a DC bias on an otherwise AC system. – Ricky Beam Feb 9 at 21:58

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