Just wanted to inquire if there is a way with FortiGate 60E to setup 2FA without setting-up a Forti-Authenticator or any additional costs? We are currently using this FW for our SSL VPN in our small office and wanted to increase security for users via 2FA.

Using SonicWalls before and it has an option to do SMS or eMail for FREE. Just hoping FortiGates have this as well.


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You can configure email 2FA for a user like this:

#config user local
    edit {username}
       set type password
       set two-factor email
       set email-to {user_email_address}
       set passwd {password}


SMS or certificate authentication is also possible: https://www.fortinetguru.com/2016/06/two-factor-authentication/

Finally, you can use a RADIUS server with any kind of authentication behind it, but that is a lot more complicated.

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