When I study the TCP protocol life cycle,

There are 3 stages:

  • Establish Connection
  • Data Transmission
  • Connection Removal

TCP have 6 Flag types: SYN, ACK, PSH, FIN, RST, URG.

TCP has 4 Timer:

  • Retransmission Timer
  • Persistent Timer
  • Keepalive Timer
  • Time_Wait Timer

  1. Conventional TCP life cycle there are only SYN, ACK, FIN 3 flags take participation, right?

  2. In the 6 flogs, which of them use a timer, and what timer? I know SYN, FIN will use, ACK don't. how about PSH, RST, URG?

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PSH, RST, URG don't use timers - that wouldn't make sense.

See this Q&A for what PSH and URG do. RST kills the connection without FINalizing it.

  • Which timer will them use? – aircraft Mar 26 '20 at 16:47

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