A TCP server has IP address and a TCP client has IP address The TCP server is waiting on port number 3333 for a connection request. The client connects to the server and transmits 2000 bytes to the server, which are sent as 4 write operations of 500 bytes each.

So I was wondering if were to write out this command for the receiver would this be correct?

ttcp -ts -l500 -n4 -p3333 -D

or would it be

ttcp -ts -l2000 -n4 -p3333 -D

I'm assuming that it would be the first option but am not confident.

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You need to have the server in Receive mode (i.e. -r option). Try the below command syntax.

ttcp -r -s -p 3333 -D

Check out the ttcp man page for more details.

Further reading

In order to make this a viable setup, you need a sender and receiver. The sender effectively establishes all of the prameters the tcp session will be benchmarked on.


ttcp -t [-u] [-s] [-p port] [-l buflen] [-b size] [-n numbufs] [-A align] [-O offset] [-f format] [-D] [-v] host [<in]


ttcp -r [-u] [-s] [-p port] [-l buflen] [-b size] [-A align] [-O offset] [-f format] [-B] [-T] [-v] [>out]

Take notice that the receiver is only modifying parameters the sender is specifying. Initially, you were trying to:

-t Transmit mode.
-s stdout.
-l length 
-n number of source buffers
-p port
-D Do not buffer data when sending

As a receiver, you aren't allowed to use, or shouldn't be using, options -t, -n, or -D.

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