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I've been trying various commands to get this output via CLI/SSH but didn't work so far.

ACI# show running-config all | grep -nC 3 Filters

I also tried to grep Filters from sh run but did not get anything.

What is the right command to get "Security Policies - Filters" via CLI/SSH?


From APIC CLI execute next command:

moquery -c vzFilter -x 'query-target-filter=wcard(vzFilter.dn,"TENANT")'

where TENANT is your tenant name. You can also omit whole -x construction to display filters from all tenants in a fabric.

To get filter rules (proto/ports/etc):

moquery -c vzFilter -x 'query-target-filter=wcard(vzFilter.dn,"TENANT")' 'query-target=children' 'target-subtree-class=vzEntry'

But in this case you will see each filter rule separately. You can add more query filters to select exact filter name to see all rules that inside it.

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    Ok, there is also one addition about filter contents. Give me few minutes to figure out query for it. Apr 8 '20 at 13:28

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