I’m currently getting myself up to speed with Cisco SD-Access. Particularly policy enforcement.

Am I right in saying that as SD-Access utilises VNIs and SGTs from which to enforce policies. Then only these can be used within the fabric to enforce policies and not source/destination IP addresses?

I’m guessing that you can (use source/destination IP addresses) but then that would negate a number of its benefits?

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Correct. The point of SD-Access is to be agnostic, using security at the endpoint/user layer instead of IP.

You should attend the Cisco SD-Access learning courses through their digital learning very helpful.


costs a few CLC for a years subscription.

Ideally, you want to ID all the endpoints and interactions with users groups/AD groups to assign the SGTs and limit your VNIs to roughly 3-4. however you need satisfy the minimum pre'reqs of specific version releases DNA/Switches/ISE and built out your underlay network before you can implement anythying.

There is quite a bit of planning involved before you can deploy.

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