Let's say, that there is a following simply route policy in Juniper router:

root@vmx> show policy test
Policy test:
    Term 1:
             route filter:
        then accept
    Term 2:
        then reject


How does Junos validate routes against this route policy internally? Does it convert it into a binary tree data structure and checks the routes against it in the control plane?

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    Can you provide any additional context around the question? Policy is a pretty hefty topic and I'd like to be as specific as possible. – Jordan Head May 28 '20 at 15:26
  • I was simply wondering, how does Junos check routes against a route policy internally. Does it read in each route policy and build a binary tree for each policy and check routes from the RIB against that binary tree if the policy is applied in export direction under protocol configuration? – Martin May 29 '20 at 8:15

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