I have been configuring and using SNMP v2c on Cisco routers.

Due to the obvious advantages in SNMP v3, I am planning on enabling SNMP v3 on SNMP v3 supported devices.

Could someone let me know:

  1. The commands used to configure SNMP v3 on an Cisco IOS?
  2. The configuration required on the SNMP v3 agent?

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They have a pretty simple writeup over at Networklessons, but in-depth information on how it works are on Cisco's site. It can be as complicated and secure as you want it. Your 2 questions are one and the same.

A barebones config would be like this:

Create a group

R1(config)#snmp-server group MYGROUP v3 priv

Attach a user to a group

R1(config)#snmp-server user MYUSER MYGROUP v3 auth md5 MYPASS123 priv aes128 MYKEY123

If you aren't looking to restrict access to specific MIBs, then this is all you really need.

snmp-server view viewRO iso included
snmp-server group CCNA4 v3 priv read viewRO access ACL_SNMP_SERVER
user ccnauser CCNA4 v3 auth sha CCNA4123 priv aes 128 CCNA4123
#snmp-server enable traps
#ip access-list standard ACL_SNMP_SERVER
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