I usually hear about SNMP v2c. But recently I came across v2u when configuring an SNMP agent.

What are the differences between the SNMP v2 flavors v2c and v2u?

And which is the more recent version among these two?

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  • SNMPv2u is a user-based security model, as specified in RFC 1909 and RFC 1910.
  • SNMPv2c is a common community-based security model.

SNMP 2u offers per-user authentication, similar to SNMPv3. SNMPv2u never really took off in the wild; anyone who wants per-user authentication uses SNMPv3. For more details (and there are a lot), consider this article in the Simple Times.

That said, I'm not even sure how many agents support SNMPv2u; however it isn't many if they do. NET-SNMP doesn't even have an option for -v2u

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