How SKEYID_a in IKEV1 phase 1 used in authentication in message 5 and 6 ?

  • Have you read RFC 2409? – Zac67 Jun 23 at 20:44
  • These two questions are relevant, possibly duplicates of your question: IKE phase 1 and phase 2 and In IPsec VPN, how is the pre-shared key encrypted? – Eddie Jun 24 at 6:07
  • Actually I have already gone through both Links and that was very useful but still I am not clear about how SKEYID_a be useful in Phase 1 Message 5 & 6 Exchange . – Yashu Mittal Jun 26 at 21:56
  • Hello Zac67 , I tried to go through RFC as well but that create more confusion like is they used only for ISAKMP Notify Payload or an ISAKMP Delete Payload not actually in Message 5 and 6 exchange. – Yashu Mittal Jun 26 at 21:59

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