I know that in a broadband network a virtual circuit is established like in an X.25, frame relay and ATM. Is there a virtual circuit established in narrow band network and if yes then how is it established and maintained?

  • Please define broadband network and narrowband network or at least give us some context. – Zac67 Jul 9 at 18:11
  • @Zac67 B-ISDN and N-ISDN, if that helps. – Ahmad Qayyum Jul 9 at 18:16

Your question is extremely broad, possibly due to some mixup.

All forms of ISDN use circuit switching, so channel resources are allocated for the entire duration of a connection. The various ISDN flavors use different kinds of B-channel signaling protocols, like DSS1 or Q.931.

A virtual circuit is (more or less) an emulation of a circuit-switching network over a packet-switching one. For instance, TCP can provide such a virtual circuit, or X.25.

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