Suppose I configure the commands "port-security enable, port-security mac-address sticky" in a Huawei switch port, then an endpoint device is connected on the switch port, and a MAC address is learned (verified with the "display mac-address sticky" command). Is this specific MAC address stickiness persistent after disconnecting the device and then power cycling the switch? If yes, does saving the switch configuration with the "save" command affect the way this stickiness works?

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Ok, I think I found the answer (finally...) here:

Manually configured and auto-generated sticky MAC address entries are automatically saved in a .ztbl or .ctbl file every 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can run the save command to manually save them. The saved file is not discarded after the device restarts. The file name must be the same as that of the system configuration file. For example, if the name of the system configuration file is test.cfg, the name of the sticky MAC address entry file must be test.ctbl. Otherwise, sticky MAC address entries will fail to be restored after the device restarts.

source: https://support.huawei.com/enterprise/br/doc/EDOC1100116719/b27717f3/port-security-mac-address-sticky

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