enter image description here I have two spokes with same local networks and want to do IPSEC between them. When I try to ping from (from right side to left side) I see packet on Cisco router and I see reply from on that cisco router too. And that packet routed properly to IPSEC tunnel. But ping doesn't work. (timeout) What I do wrong?


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You can't have two separate networks with the same subnet. The best solution is to readdress one of them.

Other possible solutions, such as using NAT or some type of layer 2 tunneling, are more complicated and subject to errors than readdressing.


As per you diagram and explanation I can see that both end users networks are using same network subnet 192.168 5.0/24, in the case source and destination ip will be belong to same subnet ips will get conflict in this case to overcome this issue . Please use different ip pool subnet for Source natting purpose from traffic iniation side .

Assuming right side is initiating traffic do source natting for source subnet with newly allocate pool

Example allocate source nat pool select the pool according which is not used in left-side network or peer network

Ip nat inside source static

If you want to ping local ips on peers side ensure that ICMP is allowed on firewall security policy on both end

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