I have found /newssh/connection/<IP> in Cisco's NMS administration section, but except for the GUI part (vManage's /shell/<uuid>) I haven't found a direct way to run a command on a Cisco vEdge.

Does vManage provide such an API in its /dataservice or a similar approach for simply running a show version (example) commands from the vManage itself directly on the end device?

  • Are you looking for show commands or anything specific? – onxx Apr 6 at 21:47

Try using python and the vipela sdk


you can pull a ton of information from the module from vManage but you will need to manipulate the result which is returned as json/Dict.

"from vmanage.api.device import Device"

Sample from here: https://github.com/CiscoDevNet/python-viptela/blob/master/examples/get_device_list.py

from vmanage.api.authentication import Authentication
from vmanage.api.device import Device
import pprint
import os

vmanage_host = os.environ.get('VMANAGE_HOST')
vmanage_username = os.environ.get('VMANAGE_USERNAME')
vmanage_password = os.environ.get('VMANAGE_PASSWORD')
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=2)

auth = Authentication(host=vmanage_host, user=vmanage_username,
vmanage_device = Device(auth, vmanage_host)

device_config_list = vmanage_device.get_device_config_list('all')

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