How to use the TCP traceroute in Juniper?

In Juniper OS I only know

traceroute ip_address

I don't know how to traceroute a destination with TCP protocol. is it possible to implement it?


tcptraceroute is a 3rd party binary, so it's not something you can use by default.

is it possible to implement it?

Yes, but with inherent security risk.

Some platforms have an Enhanced Automation (QFX) image available (see here and here). From the 2nd link:

The Junos OS with Enhanced Automation software image is a full-featured version of Junos OS that bundles additional automation tools with the image and disables Veriexec enforcement.

Basically, it lets operators who use automation tools like Puppet or Chef run necessary components on Junos.

You could implement tcptraceroute in Python when using this type of image.

The other method is to manually adjust the necessary kernel variables with sysctl from a root shell. I wouldn't recommend this as it would be considered unsupported, so if something happened, JTAC might not be able to help you.

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