i have a N3K-C3064PQ-10GX and i receive the following log :

2020 Oct 13 04:36:10 GMT: %ARP-2-DUP_SRC_IP: arp [3565] Source address of packet received from 24e9.b39e.03bc on Vlan32(port-channel20) is duplicate of local, 185.x.x.x

is there anyway that set do not log %ARP-2-DUP_SRC_IP but log other informational ? as i remember there was such feature in ios, THanks,

  • I am only familiar with disabling specific messages on an ASA. I don't think IOS/NXOS has ever had a similar feature. However, there are filtering mechanisms: logging discriminator and logging filter – Ricky Beam Oct 16 at 21:56
  • That message indicates something isn't right in your setup. The switch shouldn't be seeing another device with its IP. Solve the issue and the message will go away. – rnxrx Oct 17 at 3:32

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