I have two Cisco switches A and B, which I want to use HSRP to track if route to specific IP still works, but according to my understand it could be either IP SLA or tracking IP-Route Reachability method, what's the pros and cons on both method?

IP SLA method: enter image description here

Track IP-Route reachability method: enter image description here


IRR basically checks for a route, presumably learned from a dynamic routing protocol, but a down interface results in routes being removed as well.

SLA can check a variety of methods -- ICMP-echo being very common. And it can check things in more depth -- eg. HTTP, pings to more distant points, etc.

  • RTTMON MIB lists 18 different types. Not all of them are supported everywhere. Also, one of them is "script", so it's a very extensive mechanism. – Ricky Nov 2 '20 at 9:06

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