I'm trying to do static routing using actual devices. Below is my setup:

enter image description here

The left router is a MikroTik RouterBoard hAP lite.

The right router is a MikroTik RouterBoard hAP ac.

I want to ping from laptop to laptop.

I configured static route on both routers. Here's the routing table:

enter image description here

enter image description here

It works fine on packet tracer.

But in actual, I can ping every address from each laptop except the other laptop.

Both laptop have gateways.

What could be wrong here?


Static route configuration in both R1 & R2 router configuration is correct . According to your configuration should be able to establish connectivity among both laptop s without any issues.

  1. check whether gateway is reachable from laptops , verify it by pinging gateway from laptop .
  2. check ARP table in router whether Mac address of laptop is visible with ip address of laptop

Sh ip arp | i

  1. Check connectivity from router whether is reachable from router1 ,Verify it with pinging from router1.

If it's real time please verify firewall status on laptop end . If it's windows laptop please ensure windows firewall is off.

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