I'm trying to utilize the build-in DHCP server on our EXOS switch. Address pools work as intended. So far so good. But I also need to boot our FOG iPXE server through it. The configuration of the switch allows me to set option 66 and 67 for server and filename. Unfortunately that doesn't work:

Filename: undionly.kpxe
Could not start download: Operation not supported (http://ipxe.org/3c092003)

I have tested the FOG server with separate ISC-DHCP server where the "next-server" option is specified and it works with no problems. Also, I've had a look at the DHCP frames passing. Those from the switch dhcp server do have options 66 and 67 but no "next-server" option:

Option: (66) TFTP Server Name
Option: (67) Bootfile name

And those from the ISC server have the "next-server" value which apparently is enough:

Next server IP address: 192.xx.xx.xx

I need to know if there's way to specify "next-server" on the switch's built-in dhcp server? I really would like to avoid using separate DHCP server if possible.

  • The DHCP and DNS servers built into network device are usually pretty simple without advanced features. To do anything like this, you want a real server. – Ron Maupin Jan 14 at 13:31

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