Has Anyone upgraded from cisco Prime to Cisco DNAC, if so then Does anyone have Steps (Prep Work) checklist suggestions before beginning the Brownfield Deployment of Cisco DNAC ?


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Cisco publishes a Cisco Prime Infrastructure to Cisco Digital Network Architecture Center Prime Data Migration Guide.

The guide states:

You can migrate devices, location groups, associated site maps, user defined CLI templates and CMX data from Cisco Prime Infrastructure to Cisco DNA Center and manage your enterprise network over a centralized dashboard.

Consult the Compatibility Matrix as a first step.


Prime and Cisco DNAC are two different products, there is no upgrade process . Basically you migrate from Prime to Cisco DNAC. Till now as DNAC is still a new product, its advised to use DNAC for assurance only and use prime for configuration for a brownfield deployment.

  • I appreciate your response, Any Idea on how that migration process will take place, If i were to migrate from cisco Prime to Cisco DNAC ? Jan 26, 2021 at 23:35

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