I wondering about some workaround for issue that I have: I have 2 sources which generates multicast to and port 12345. I'd like to configure on my Cisco IE 3000 NAT which will change the destination port based on source IP.

Is it possible, how can I do that (i.e. what it the command)?

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    That is a reserved multicast group that should not be used. IANA says, "No new assignments are being made in this range for the time being." You are free to use multicast froups in the Organization-Local scope: – Ron Maupin Jan 27 at 15:54
  • the is just an example. it could be – user1977050 Jan 27 at 15:57
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    That is also in a reserved range. We need real information, and your router configuration. How is your multicast routing configured? You should include the router configuration in your question. – Ron Maupin Jan 27 at 16:02
  • flat network - no VLANs – user1977050 Jan 27 at 16:03
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    I'm not familiar with the IE3000's capabilities. However, source NAT might be able to do what you want. I suggest you experiment as this is quite a corner-case. It may be worth mentioning that a PC proxying the traffic at layer-4 might be easier depending on if that is practical in your environment. – Jeff Wheeler Jan 27 at 20:15

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