In CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA , why the Communication mode for these two access methods are classified as Broadcast based ?

For CSMA/CA a Node sends a broadcast message to notify the other nodes on the network that it wants to send .

But for CSMA/CD why it is Broadcast Based ? is it because the Jamming signal ?



They are broadcast mechanisms because they are used on broadcast media. On a broadcast medium, all end stations hear all transmissions. CSMA CA or CD are used to prevent two stations from transmitting at the same time. Ethernet and 802.11 ( Wi-fi) are two examples of broadcast media.

  • You should add "... early Ethernet and 802.11 are two examples". Ethernet has long ceased to be used with broadcast media (coax or repeated TP/fiber), all modern variants use collision-free point-to-point signaling – Zac67 Feb 17 at 6:01

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