I am beginning to learn about networks and wireless networks, specifically, and am having trouble grasping how do Service Sets and Basic Service Sets relate to each other, if they do.

Are Basic Service Sets sub sets of Service Sets ? Can the same Basic Service Set (access point) be in use by different Service Sets ?

Can anyone shed some light ?

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    please check en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_set_(802.11_network). brief summary: In means of wireless, service sets are a group of devices that shares the same service set identifier(SSID). There are two main types, basic (BSS) and extended (ESS). basic is consists of a single connection point (one ap, host to host ad-hoc, meshed single ap). Extended consists of several APs (several BSS) that act as a single logical link and gave out same or similar service via shared authentication methods. – kaya atabey Feb 17 at 16:17
  • @kayaatabey: thanks for that. I have read the wiki entry on WLAN, but not the one you share on Service Set. It does add. – Veverke Feb 17 at 19:26
  • one bit more – Veverke Feb 28 at 9:38

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