Under the context of inter PIM domains multicasting, 1 RP on each PIM domain (2 domains), attached with eBGP, with MSDP peering to exchange the actives sources, what are the benefits of using the MB-BGP multicast address family ?

Cisco mention in some documentation the usage of MP-BGP Multicast in this context (e.g: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/global/fr_ca/training-events/pdfs/Interdomain_IPMulticast.pdf, slide 21)

  • Compared to what?
    – Ron Trunk
    Feb 21, 2021 at 18:04
  • Compared to MSDP only
    – bdes31
    Feb 23, 2021 at 8:48
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Bandwidth conservation as you can go into sparse mode and only downstream or east-west content that is in use, rather than broadcast all content at all times. Upstream traffic is also unicast and therefore not propagated unnecessarily.

Here is a Juniper Networks resource that goes over this thoroughly. The network theory is the same. just different vendor specific command structure.



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