I have to update the IOS for a Cisco Switch. What is the best way? Should I do it via TFTP or USB? What are the steps or CLI needed?

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    The exact upgrade procedure depends on the model of the device. However, Cisco has documented that very well on their website. There also is no 'best way', both TFTP and USB work. What works best for you isn't really something we can answer. – Teun Vink 2 days ago
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    Voting to close because the poster doesn't appear to have a basic search to find the procedures appropriate to their device, and Cisco has documented these quite well. – Jeff Wheeler 2 days ago
  • The best way is a matter of opinion. Whatever method gets the job done. (tftp, ftp, scp, xmodem, usb, ...) USB would usually be the fastest, but does require touching the device, and can only be done one at a time. – Ricky 2 days ago

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