I have an hp connectx-3 ib/10gE card flashed to the 2.77 firmware[Latest i think], in the Ethernet port I have a HP Mellanox 655874-B21 HPE QSFP/SFP ADAPTER which goes to a MC3208411-T Mellanox Compatible SFP 1000Base 100m RJ45 Module.

The card can use Ethernet normally once booted how ever pxe boot errors when it finds a server. Is this a bad hardware combination issue or different firmware etc?

Should I be using a qsfp to 4x sfp breakout cable to plug in to the cisco's sfp port or a cisco sfp cable in to the melanox adapter or do I need to go fiber to the cisco? a 3 to 3.5M cable is all I need to run to the cisco as its at the bottom of the rack. I was hoping to stay away from fiber as I tend to move the equipment around a bit in the rack due to the purposes of the rack I was given for the job.

I am hoping that one of the guru's around here has seen this before and can point me in the right direction as to what is being stupid and if there's a report/statistic on the switch or something that would tell me in the future of where the issue is when different hardware is combined. I would rather not just throw hardware at the problem.

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    PXE is a separate program in firmware. It's possible it doesn't know how to handle your QSFP to SFP module. (I would assume it's just like a breakout cable, but with only one port.) If you have a breakout cable, give it a try.
    – Ricky
    Mar 2 at 5:03

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