When you configure the BGP Dampening, the configuration is set for all eBGP neighbor in a Cisco router. There is a way to customize the parameters for a specific neighbor ?

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You can set bgp dampening for an AS path, which accomplishes the same thing. For example, if your neighbor is AS 1234, you can do something like this:

ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^1234

route-map damp_me permit 10
match as-path 1

router bgp 65000
bgp dampening route-map damp_me

Important Note (edited):

Route dampening recommendations have gone through several changes since first created. At one point, it was recommended not to use it, as it caused more problems than it solved.

Now, the latest IETF BCP (2015) recommends to enable RFD with adjusted values (right-most column), which are different from the vendor defaults.

 RFD parameter              Cisco    Juniper   BCP 194 / RIPE-580
 Withdrawal penalty          1000       1000    1000
 Re-advertisement penalty       0       1000    0/1000
 Attributes change penalty    500        500    500
 Suppress-threshold          2000       3000    6000
 Half-life (min)               15         15    15
 Reuse-threshold              750        750    750
 Max suppress time (min)       60         60    60

The table is copied from this article which also reports about current deployment and RFD's history.


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