I know, VRFs are meant to create a seperation on layer3. There are certain ways to "break" thru a vrf in a sense with things like:

  • Tunnel interfaces
  • IP helper
  • NetFlow

But is there a way where i can let traffic between 2 interfaces that are assigned to different VRFs flow freely, like they would be in the same VRF? The only thing i could find was route-leaking, but as far as i understand it, it just lets you collect routing table entries from differnt VRFs and put them together into one VRF.


Each VRF contains its own routing table and which is separate from the global table.

You need to use route-map/prefix list that would inject the routes to inform each table where the other exists.

Think of the each VRF as a separate router. How would you use achieve this if they were physically sperate routers? A: running a routing protocol (Static vs AS)

So it comes down to what routing protocols you are using.

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