I'm trying to set up a roaming wireless network. For this, I have tried to analyze the area of coverage for any external network interference.

I do know that networks can change over time and Wifi signal strength is not completely uniform, but I was able to notice some tendencies ("room X gets almost no networks on channel Y").

However, I also regularly saw something like the following signal pattern, which makes it difficult for me to decide which channel to choose:

enter image description here

In this case, Channel 1 would have the least amount of outside signals, but also the strongest.

Channel 6 has a few different signals in medium strength, maybe fluctuating a bit.

Channel 11 shows quite a lot of external SSIDs, but frequently fluctuating and all are relatively weak.

It's obvious to me that Channel 6 would be the worst choice for an additional network, but I'm not sure if many weak or few strong signals cause the least interference for a new network.

What would be the best channel in this case?

  • You don't show the vertical scale, so it's hard to judge. There may be no practical difference. As you know, signal strength will change continuously. I would choose based on one (or even a few) samples. – Ron Trunk Apr 14 at 17:22
  • It all depends on your local environment. A single channel scan doesn't really paint a picture - you'd need to do a proper survey and possibly repeat it regularly. – Zac67 Apr 14 at 17:22

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