We have Cisco Switches (Nexus 93). My PC is on vxlan, in vrf "test" with default gateway 60.254. We want to use loopback 99 for managent for switches. We have created a loopback 99 with an IP address on each switch: switch 1 -, switch 2 - 33.22/32, switch 3 - 33.33/32, switch 4 - 33.44/32 with vrf "test". I am trying to ping them, but I can only ping 33.11 and 33.33. Vrf "test" is being distributed by BGP route reflector, it works fine. Maybe I should assing a VLAN on loopback 99? Or assign a second IP address in 60 vxlan with 60.254 gateway?

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You would only use a loopback for layer-3 switches that have routing enabled because you must route to and from the loopback interface.

Layer-2 switches use an SVI and default gateway for management because there is no routing on a layer-2 switch to be able to reach a loopback interface.

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