I'm learning about fetching information via SNMP towards our HP switches. I'm trying to query a switch using the OID BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbPort included with a known MAC address 50:65:f3:2e:c5:5c, as such .

$ snmpget -v3 -Oe my_switch .
BRIDGE-MIB::dot1dTpFdbPort.'Pe...\' = INTEGER: 31466

It returns the integer 31466. I'm then trying to query the same switch using the OID IF-MIB::ifType included with the integer 31466, as such .

$ snmpget -v3 -Oe my_switch .
IF-MIB::ifType.31466 = No Such Instance currently exists at this OID

Why can't the port with the integer 31466 be found on the switch? Am I missing something? I appreciate any help as I'm quite new to the SNMP and OID stuff.


I think you are missing a lookup in dot1dBasePortTable to convert from a dot1dBasePort to a dot1dBasePortIfIndex.

  • Thank you. I was indeed missing looking up the index of the port using dot1dBasePortIfIndex. /usr/bin/snmpbulkwalk -v3 -Oe my_switch . | grep 31466 returns INTEGER 31659 and /usr/bin/snmpget -v3 -Oe my_switch . now returns INTEGER 161 (in my case). Jun 4 at 6:13

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