long time ago i found an wiki article for method that protect your network from unwanted access.
method was something like:
attacker need to know 2, 3 or more exact ports which are open to access the network.
in the case of 3 ports, one of them can be closed at certain time "port1", and other two can be open, after a time "port1" opens and "port3" closes, so in that way it confuses port scanners

i forgot how this method was called so i can find the article and find information how to do it my self.

i remember that this was some kind of methot that network admins protect their network.

Can someone help me, telling me what was the name of that method or give me some articles about this type of protection or something similar?

  • You should ask this question on Information Security. – Ron Maupin Jun 24 at 10:53
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    Are you referring to Port Knocking, maybe? – Jesse P. Jun 24 at 10:59
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    Also, just use a firewall that blocks all the TCP and UDP ports. People scan my address all the time, but they find all ports closed, and it looks like there is nothing connected at my address. Something like the Shields UP test at GRC always shows that there does not appear to be anything at my address. – Ron Maupin Jun 24 at 11:01
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    @JesseP. Yea. This is i was looking for. Thanx allot! – Philip Scot Jun 24 at 12:06
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    @RonMaupin Could you share some knowledge about the subject you are talking about ? – Philip Scot Jun 24 at 12:51

The answer i was looking for is posted in comment by @Jesse P.

The method is called Port Knocking

  • You should note that port knocking isn't regarded as providing sufficient security any more. Today's Internet is extremely hostile. There are port scanning techniques that try to find the opening mechanism. For decent security, you should either limit port forwarding to known source addresses (or ranges) or - much better - use proper VPN. – Zac67 Jun 24 at 12:52
  • @Zac67 Ou.. Interesting Im new at this. Could you share some resources regarding network security that are viable today and working for todays standards ( not outdated ) – Philip Scot Jun 24 at 12:57
  • Sorry, such requests for resources are explicitly off-topic here (to avert spam attempts). But generally, services open to the Internet require either explicit (code and configuration) hardening or a very elaborate application-level filtering (ALG) plus decent firewalling and possibly IDS and IPS. Port knocking is attempting "security by obscurity" which doesn't work reliably. – Zac67 Jun 24 at 20:26

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