We are trying to rebuild a few cisco show commands with SNMP OID information. Right now i'm working on MPLS and i'm trying to get the In/Out label info. I keep running into the same problem, the information I need is help by indexes that are marked "not-accessible". For example the MplsInSegmentLabel and MplsInSegmentIfIndex. Is there a way I can view the information on these OIDs and indexes? I know my understanding of SNMP might not be complete enough but I would appreciate any help or even a push in the right direction.


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    Aug 8, 2017 at 2:52

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It may happen that the OID`s you are querying are not implemented on the device. It may happen that either those are not supported or not implemented.

Just in case for your verification you can use "-Cc" option of snmpwalk which will give you the whole MIB.

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