I have a cisco nexus n3k-c3064pq-10gx and i want to have an acl and add 270x line (they will drop my interface vlan IP address because they are public IP), I want to know can I have this acl with 270x line of acl ?

here is my TCAM output :


Ingress IPv4 PACL                        : 18 valid entries   363 free entries
Ingress IPv4 VACL                        : 0 valid entries   510 free entries
N3k Ingress IPv4 RACL                    : 20 valid entries   216 free entries
Ingress IPv4 PBR                         : 34 valid entries   221 free entries
Egress IPv4 VACL                         : 0 valid entries   509 free entries
Egress IPv4 RACL                         : 0 valid entries   509 free entries
N3K SUP                                  : 51 valid entries   14 free entries
N3K IPV6 SUP                             : 7 valid entries   247 free entries
Ingress IPv4 QoS                         : 4 valid entries   252 free entries
N3K SPAN                                 : 0 valid entries   114 free entries
N3K SPAN                                 : 7 used entries    121 free entries
NAT Rewrite Table                        : 0 valid entries   2048 free entries

here is sample of my acl :

show ip access-lists test

IP access list test
        10 permit ip any
        20 permit ip any
        30 permit ip any
        40 deny ip any
        50 deny ip any

which parameter show how many free acl do I have? and if its small how can increase that?

Thank you.

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No, you don't have enough room for 270 more Ingress Router ACL entries (216 free). Here is a Cisco document explaining the different ACL types on Nexus 3000.

It looks like you're trying to reproduce the functionality of control-plane filters using older methodology. Do you know about control-plane filtering? If not, learning that concept will help you immensely. If you do already understand that it is an available feature, I suggest you read the N3K Security Configuration Guide section on Configuring Control Plane Policing and determine what traffic you do want to admit to the switch control plane.

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